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Create professional launchers the easy way!

The latest version of the most popular game launcher creator software is almost here.

After nearly a year of development, Game Launcher Creator V3 sports a brand new editing interface, a ton of new, improved and exciting features along with a brand new logic system.

Want to learn more about it? Read on…

Custom Minecraft Launcher Design

A Brand New Editor

Have a glimpse at the brand new GLCV3 editor.

Featuring a docked workspace, compatible with any screen resolution and plenty of space to design your launcher in real-time.

Images are BETA and not representative of the final product.

See it in action

Smooth Editing 100x faster!

A brand new editor coded from scratch brings familiar features seen elsewhere such as resizing, aligning and duplicating!

Disable Ad-Blockers to view the videos in a lightbox window.

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Pixel Perfect Movement

The GLCV3 editor is completely at your disposal.

You can choose any grid size you want and even use pixel-perfect movement inside the editor itself.

There are no limits to the use of movement.

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Object Resizing

The GLCV3 editor now includes free, in-editor resizing.

You can simply select any object, click on resize and then use any of the handles to resize your object in real-time inside the editor.

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Duplication and Cloning

You can freely and easily duplicate or clone an object inside the GLCV3 editor.

This is handy if you have a series of objects which are the same or similar in size and properties.

It makes cloning too easy!

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Object Locking

The GLCV3 editor allows you to lock objects on any layer.

It will also save the ‘lock state’ to the project file meaning when you re-open your project to resume editing, locked objects will still remain locked until unlocked.

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Object Properties

Objects properties are now accessible from directly inside the editor itself.

You can also call the object properties from the top toolbar and from the right-hand window pane.

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Object Alignment

The GLCV3 live editor contains all the familiar features of Windows editors such as left, center and right alignment at the click of a button.

From the top toolbar you can quickly align objects to any position and you use the built-in grid system.

Layers and Layer Editing

GLCV3 allows for up to 10 layers to be used in your launcher pages.

This means more room for stacking and layering objects to get the right ordering.

You can now also edit by layer, making editing your launcher much faster.

10-Layer Support

Support for up to 10 layers inside your launcher pages.

This makes for much easier editing, layering and ordering.

Show / Hide Layers

In GLCV3 you can show and hide any of the layers.

This means you can design your launcher pages faster by hiding layers.

Locking Objects

Combined with the layer system, you can now lock and unlock objects completely.

They will remain locked until you unlock them, even when re-opening your project.

Toolbars, Snaps and Alignments

The GLCV3 editor is jam-packed with tasty features you find in all your favorite editors like Photoshop, GIMP and video editors.

The new “in-editor toolbar” enables you to quickly switch between movement, resizing, properties, cloning and deleting.

In Editor Toolbar

Full Grid Movement

Snap your objects to a grid inside GLCV3’s real-time editor.

You can set the custom size for the grid to anything you like for both X and Y.

Clone / Duplicate

Quickly clone, copy, duplicate an object.

This makes for rapid development of similar objects inside your launcher.

Quick Delete

Quickly delete any object at any time right inside the editor itself.

You can even undo if you accidentally delete an object you didn’t want to.

Multi-Language Support

The GLCV3 editor has full language support for any language in the world.

Translate the editor using official or community-translated texts.

Both the editor and the runtimes also have full Unicode support.

Editor Preferences

Language Support FAQ

The GLCV3 editor can support any language from around the world.

We aim to release with the most common languages such as English, Spanish, French, German.

However, the system is also a pluggable system meaning users can translate it themselves and share with the community. There is support for an unlimited amount of languages and variations.

Yes, you can.

We will have a tutorial available on how you can translate the GLCV3 editor, it’s as easy as editing a text file!

You can then share your translations with the rest of the community.

GLCV3 has full Unicode compatibility meaning both the editor and the launcher runtimes will be Unicode compatible.

This means the editor and launchers will work on any computer or users computer that uses any Unicode language such as Polish, Gujarat, Russian etc.

Conditional Logic and Events

Endless possibilities await with GLCV3’s conditional event logic systems.

Stipulate and specify when certain action(s) are triggered by particular event(s).

This gives you the freedom and control to specify the what, where and when things happen inside your launcher.

Update Example

Update Available
– Open Patching System
— Send commandline parameters (/W1 /S1)
– Minimize Launcher

Button Example

User Clicks Button
– Mute Launcher Music
– Minimize Launcher
– Run Local EXE (mygame.exe)

Page Start Example

Start of Page
– Show Launch Button
– Play Launcher Music
– Download File

Note: Whilst Conditional Events are enabled for all versions, Gamer edition can perform one action and Indie and Developer editions can perform multiple actions at once.

Conditional Logic Events FAQ

In the previous versions of Game Launcher Creator, you could setup basic ‘events’ like user clicks on a button and specify an action.

It’s a basic ‘if else’ system with limited options.

GLCV3 now introduces conditional logic, in where you can specify certain events to happen and you can execute an action (or a series of actions) based on certain conditions being met.

For the Indie and Developer versions, yes. You can now stipulate an unlimited amount of actions to perform per event.

An event is defined as, for example:

  • Button Clicked
  • Video End
  • Return Value from Query String
  • Page Start
  • Is Update Available
  • Timer reaches a certain value

This list is not exhaustive. There will be new events added as GLCV3 grows.

A New Action System

The action system built into GLCv3 is new and is dynamic.

It now features all the actions you are used to and many more new ones.

It is also readily adaptable for new actions in the future and new actions from plugins.

Actions from Buttons

Create an action or a series of actions from a button press inside the launcher.

Actions from Events

You can now perform action(s) from events such as Page Start, Page End, Update Available.

Actions from Timers

You can perform action(s) from certain timers you set inside your launcher.

The fastest patching system to date

GLCV3 features a built-in patching system like no other.

You can integrate and design your patch system directly inside your launcher pages. The patching system is a brand new patching system with many performance and speed upgrades utilising the new AOPS2 framework.

Fully Integrated

The patching system is fully integrated and allows you to design your own patching page inside your launcher.

Multi-Threaded Downloads

Experience the fastest downloads of your game files ever with a brand new library for the new patching system.

Rapid Deployment

You can rapidly deploy a new patch for your game from within GLCV3 itself in just a few clicks of the mouse.

Patching System FAQ

The built-in patching system has been built upon using the GPC (Game Patch Creator) framework.

Our professional game patching software boasts many features, so we were able to create an AOPS2 based off GPC’s engine.

The core engine now features multi-threaded downloads and a new ‘worker’ system (see below).

Yes. It runs externally but silently.

You can now design your patching system just as you would your launcher pages directly inside GLCV3 with progress bars, text strings, images, videos etc.

In previous versions of GLC, the built-in patching system (AOPS) was designed to download one file at a time and used a 32-bit compatible framework to ensure compatibility across all systems your launcher/patcher was distributed to.

AOPS was a single-threaded download and was processed by the GPU. This means only one thread was utilised, the whole download was written to memory and then written to the hard drive after download.

In AOPS2, we use a newly constructed multi-threaded framework which enables us to use more than one processing thread and because we now use the CPU instead of the GPU, download speeds are not limited.

Files are now downloaded from your server and instead of writing the whole file to memory and then writing to the hard drive, we now download 100mb chunks and stream it directly to the hard drive.

Infinitely faster. Due to the multi-threaded downloads, the CPU utilisation and the 100mb chunk limit, the download speed is now completely uncapped. So the only limits are your server and the user’s computer (CPU speed).

Because the previous patching system was limited to one download, now the world is our oyster with a whole new patching framework we’ve developed.

We can now check file integrities and download files much faster, so now we have developed a ‘worker’ system.

Each worker is instructed to handle 1 file. So the patching system works by spawning 2-3 initial workers, so that means in one frame loop, 2-3 files are being checked. Once it has been checked, if it doesn’t require patching, the worker is destroyed and onto the next file (with a new worker).

If a file needs patching, the worker will download that file and patch it. Once it’s patched, the worker will be destroyed and onto the next file with a new worker.

This worker system will allot a specific amount of ‘workers’ based on the user’s computer specs. If the patcher starts lagging, workers will be cut down. If the patcher sees there are more resources that can be used, it will create more workers.

From our tests, a standard laptop/pc can check file integrities at a rate of 2000 files per second.

If the user has a gaming setup, it can see volumes of up to 8000 files checked per second.

There are many, many juicy features the AOPS2 patching system offers such as

  • Multiple Server Locations
  • Splash Screen
  • Full Launcher Integration
  • Commandline Switches
  • Complete Debug Logging
  • Pre and Post Patch Executables
  • Final Write Out System

We will cover these aspects and more as we release more information.

We always want to help our users fully understand where their patching setups could be going wrong.

In GLCV3 there are two massive improvements. Firstly, the debug log generated is very in-depth and easily readable. Any errors are written for you to easily understand and they include more details.

Secondly, we are writing a special free tool, which you can load your debug log into and it will scan for the error and alert you as to what the potential issue is, allowing you to easily fix it.

The most advanced query Strings

GLCV3 features the fastest and most advanced query strings to date.

Perfect for keen developers, you can ping a simple query script online or you can perform more complex actions such as sending parameters, using image placeholders (instead of text), set refresh intervals and even use buttons for query sending.

Full PHP Support

Simply ping a script online and let it return some data or send some data to your server and let it return data.

Data Return Values

Brand new Data Return Values let you specify what to do with particular data that is return from a script.

Launcher Login

Launcher login is completely possible with GLCV3 and you can do stuff with user data returned from the logged in user.

Query String FAQ

GLCV3’s Query String object works similar to how it’s always worked in the past.

You simply specify the URL to the online script file and you either return static or dynamic data. What you do with the server-side script is entirely up to you.

In GLCV3 you can choose to execute the script at the start of the page or you can get the user to trigger it with a button.

You can pretty much perform any of the available GLC action(s) when a returned result comes back.

For example, you could have a series of pages available and ping the script at the start of the launcher, the server could then return the number of the page to go to and you can instruct the launcher to go to that page.

In the past, when a query string returned data, it returns data in the form of a text string which you then display inside the launcher.

In GLCV3, you can now choose to show a custom image in replacement of that text now.

For example, if the return data was a string that says “online”, instead of just displaying the text “online” in your launcher, you can choose to use a custom online image you designed instead.

You can set the script to auto-refresh at given intervals. Very useful for server or player stats.

Query strings are very versatile and dynamic. With the right bit of PHP coding, you can now create fantastic systems in GLCV3.

You can use return data to now perform actions inside your launcher.

For example, you can send dynamic parameters to your script, your script does whatever it needs to do with that information and sends information back to the laucher.

You can then choose what to do with that information… display it, perform certain actions etc.

System and Custom Variables

GLCV3 has a very powerful internal variable system which allows you to specify local and remote variables anywhere in your launcher.

Display information such as Local and Remote Version numbers, usernames, system variable information such as paths, directories and much more!

System Variables

Pretty much any values/strings used inside your launcher can be used in a dynamic text string by simply including the variable.

Display Versioning

You can use variables such as version information by simply using %LOCALVERSION% and %REMOTEVERSION% in your text strings.

Instant Parsing

GLCV3’s super-fast runtime means all variables are parsed at the speed of light so no matter where you use them, they’re instantly display.

Variables FAQ

It’s dead simple, you just include the variable inside one of your text strings and the GLCV3 launcher runtime will parse it automatically for you and display it.

You can also use variables dynamically throughout the editor and runtime.

For example, you could create your own ‘Download File Dialog‘ quite easy using the variables provided.

All the available variables will be listed in the documentation.

You just simply wrap your variable in % and you’re good to go.

For example, to display the current download speed of a file you would type:

Downloading Update (%DLSPEEDMB% MB)

We have a few already completed and we estimate a lot more by release time.

The current available variables are:

%TEMPDIR% – User’s Launcher Temp Directory

%LOCALVERSION% – Local Version Number

%REMOTEVERSION% – Remote Version Number

%BGMVOL% – Background Music Volume level

%SCREENWIDTH% – Get the user’s screen width

%SCREENHEIGHT% – Get the user’s screen height

%APPDATA% – The path to the user’s appdata folder

%CURUSERFOLDER% – The path to the current user data folder

%DOWNLOADPERCENT% – The download percentage of the current file downloading (if using the download action)

%DLSPEEDB% – Download speed in Bytes

%DLSPEEDMB% – Download speed in Megabits

%DOWNLOADURL% – The URL of the current file downloading

%DOWNLOADFILE% – The absolute path and filename of the local file once it’s downloaded



GLCV3 contains all the original objects we’ve always had.

We’ve also added some new and exciting objects to the arsenal and there’s more to come.

With the ability for developers to create plugins, there will be endless possibilities for future objects.

Legacy Objects

We’ve kept all the original objects from previous Gamer Launcher Creator versions. Here is the list.

Image Buttons

The classic Image Button is here and with some enhancements. Now featuring a more realistic ‘click’ feature.


Import images directly into your launcher.

Supported filetypes are BMP, PNG, JPG and GIF.

Text Strings

Text Strings are now enhanced with full multi-line support, custom font and size (including effects) and alignment.

Query Strings

Query Strings are now super-charged and contain a plethora of features. It is the most dynamic, developer-friendly object available. Same features as Text String too.


Static and Animated GIFs are supported with support for alpha transparency too.

They can be freely moved anywhere inside the launcher page.


Import videos directly into your launcher.

Supported formats are WMV, MP4, AVI.


The standard webview object allows you to display standard HTML web pages directly inside your launcher pages.

Cloud Image

Insert a cloud image into your launcher.

Store your image on your server so you can change it anytime and it will update in realtime.

Cloud Video

Stream videos direct from your server straight into your launcher. You can change it anytime on the server and it will update in realtime.

New Objects

Here are some new, exciting objects we’ve created for you to use. This list will be added to as new objects are developed.

Note: Some of these are additional paid plugins or third party plugins.

Text Button

You can now create your own text button from inside the GLCV3 editor directly.

You can choose the font, font size, background color, font color and more.

Supports custom cursors and sound effects.

Steam Object

The Steam object allows you to link directly to a Steam installed game.

You can instantly call the game, which will in turn launch Steam and run or if Steam is already running, it will just launch the game.

Comes with additional options too.

Editbox Object

The new Editbox object allows you to drop in a text input box for your users to type into, in your launchers.

The EditBox object is exclusive to the Developer edition and allows you to use in conjunction with custom variables.

Progress Bar Object

Drop a progress bar into your launcher window.

The value can be chosen by you as to what it is referencing, such as download percentage or any other value that’s available.

The progress bar object is only featured in the Developer Edition.

Official and Third Party Plugins

These are the official list of official and third party plugins available.

Developers can now create their own plugins and share them on the marketplace.

FiveM Plugin

Third Party Plugin.

Connect directly to your FiveM server using the FiveM object.

Minecraft Plugin

Third Party Plugin.

Connect directly to your Minecraft server using the Minecraft object.

Valheim Plugin

Third Party Plugin.

Connect directly to your Valheim server using the Valheim object.

Discord Rich Presence

Third Party Plugin.

A Discord Rich Presence object for your game launcher.

Icon Changer

Change the standard rocket icon of your launcher application with this exclusive plugin.

This feature comes as standard with Indie and Developer edition.


A more advanced webkit object. Full Chromium browser with support for modern day HTML5/CSS3/Javascript websites.

This is included with the Developer edition and is available as a plugin for other editions. 

Game Support

GLCV3 is the most popular software choice for Game Developers and Gamers all around the world.

Our software has proven to be the number one choice and we support both Game Developers, Development Studios and Gamers.

As well as GLCV3 being the prime choice for game developers, Gamers are supported to. We will still support as many games as possible including these popular titles…

Game Development Support

ByteBox Media always pledges to support Game Developers and Game Development Studios around the world.

Game Launcher Creator V3 is the only choice for professional game launcher development.

We will still support all game engines and future game engines.

Questions / Answers

We understand a lot of you will have questions that spring to mind.

So we have collated and tried to cover as much as we can here.

If you are still confused on a particular topic, don’t hesitate to ask in our Discord or email us directly.

Editions / Versions

We will have three editions of Game Launcher Creator V3 available to purchase.

These are

  • Gamer Edition
  • Indie Edition
  • Developer Edition

The editor is exactly the same except Indie and Dev have particular features only available to them.

Further down this page, we have created a preliminary feature comparison table for the editions.

Please note, this is not final and is subject to change before release.

There maybe some bits missing that we have not added yet.

Yes, certainly. You can upgrade your edition of Game Launcher Creator at anytime from your online control panel.

Just a click of a button and everything is handled automatically and you will gain access to your new edition instantly.


Yes. Your license will be a single user license.

We can provide team licenses, you just need to contact us first and we’ll sort that out for you.

GLCV3 licensing is rather simple.

Prices listed are prices per year. However, if you choose to not renew your license, you can still access the software and edit/build your launchers, you just won’t be entitled to future updates past your renewal date, unless you reactivate your subscription.

So your license is a LIFETIME LICENSE, you will always have this. The subscription is just for updates. This will be a yearly subscription.

Yes, but only for the Developer version.

Yes, for existing GLCV2 users.

This pre-order discount is exclusively for existing GLCV2 users only.

Once the software is officially released, the discount will not be available.

Pre-Order Pledge

We appreciate all the pledges that were made during the DLC pledge window.

In this instance, we will be offering users discounts based upon what was pledged during the early 2022 window.

The following offering is available:

Early Adopter – 12 months free, full Gamer edition.

BETA Supporter – 12 months free, full Indie edition.

VIP Supporter and above – 12 months free, full Developer edition.

Godlike Supporter and ByteBox Media Fan pledges will still receive their extras promised on the original DLC pledge.

Yes, by pre-ordering your copy of GLCV3 now.

The DLC pledge window was closed back in April 2022, however by pre-ordering your copy of GLCV3 now, you are last-minute pledging.

No. A pre-order pledge is the last chance to pledge towards this development.

Pledges are by donation and will secure your copy of GLCV3 when it’s released.

You have the option to wait for the official release to make a purchase but the discount for the pledge is only applicable whilst this window remains open.

You will get your Pre-Order pledge copy the day before official release.

This means you get Game Launcher Creator V3 at least 24 hours before official release onto the Store.

You will be issued with a pledge coupon code to enter at the checkout the day before official release.


This is a whole, new major revision.

Your current GLCV1 and GLCV2 licenses cover you for updates to those respective software versions.

This is a whole new major version which is completely different and separate from those versions.

However, we value our customers deeply, that’s why we have early pre-orders available now with a discount for existing users before the software is released at full price.


Just like car manufacturers and mobile phone manufacturers, we need to keep on innovating for the future and creating new products.

Your GLCV2 license is still valid and will be for lifetime.

Game Launcher Creator V3 is a brand new software product with a whole new framework that has taken a year and tens of thousands of lines to create.

You are also entitled to a GLCV3 upgrade with a special discount by pre-ordering.

GLCV3 will be sold on our official online store.

In the past, we have allowed other stores to sell Game Launcher Creator such as the TGC Store (The Game Creators) and ClickStore (Clickteam), however we are not sure whether we will resell GLCV3 on these stores.


The domain will be shifting to our new network server upon release and the GLCV2 login for your licenses will switch to a subdomain.

When V3 is released, we will merge any outstanding accounts over to the new network so you can access the Store and login with the same details you had for GLCV2.

Yes, you will.

As a valid GLCV2 license holder, you will still get the same Email, Forum and Discord support as you always have.

Yes, GLCV2 will still be maintained until May 2023.

After this date, you are still free to use GLCV2 and its end of life for product maintenance will end with GLCV2 being fully functional.

Your license is a lifetime license, so you will never lose that, ever.

Yes, there will be.

If you think the current list of features and enhancements is exciting, rest-assured this is not even the full list.

GLCV3 is that big of a development, it will take us a bit of time to update this page with all the features and enhancements.

Even though GLCV3 is a brand new product, support for cross-platform is difficult due to the way the software is developed.

However, we have two options going forward for GLCV3 in terms of MacOS and Linux support.

The first, is we are in talks with a company that specialise in cross-platform ports, they have developed their own wrapper framework for this. This is not yet decided.

The second option is, we develop an additional plugin runtime which generates a HTML5 output, so you can create a HTML5 version of your game launcher which will then be complete cross-platform compatible (maybe even Mobile).

We will discuss these options internally and also with you, our community users to see which is the best route to go down.


GLCV3 has been coded and designed to accept plugins.

This means a much longer lifespan for the software as developers can create their own plugins for the software.

Plugins enable us and third party developers to create new, exciting features for GLCV3 for many years to come.

If you have experience with C++, C#, Electron or Java then yes you can.

We will have a special developer section available on the forum and in our Discord for Developers to join.

You can create your own plugins to give away for free or sell on our marketplace.


Some future features that we create may get integrated into the editions of GLCV3, or we may decide to list it as a plugin.

Either way, we will be developing many more features and exciting new objects looking to the future of GLCV3.


Yes. As always, we strive to bring as much content to our users as possible.

We have hired a bunch of experienced and very talented designers who are creating templates right now.

From Minecraft to FiveM, from Steam to Valheim and lots of custom development templates. There will be something for everybody.

Yes. You will be able to create your own templates with GLCv3 and export them.

You can share them with the community or list them on our store.

Feature Comparison - Editions

There will be three editions of Game Launcher Creator V3 for you to choose from.

Each version brings its own unique set of features and enhancements.

Please see the list below for comparisons. This is subject to change and new things added as we creep closer to the release.

Gamer Edition

Perfect for all the gamers out there that want to create launchers for their favorite games like Minecraft, GTA V and many more.

Indie Edition

Perfect for Indie Developers or small studios or small projects.

This has the basic set of professional tools to create a great launcher.

Developer Edition

This is the ultimate edition for the more serious developer or development team.

The Developer edition comes jam-packed with exclusive dev-only features.

Pre-order Pledge

Here is the preliminary feature comparison table for the three editions.

You can pre-order any edition you like. Discount is only applicable for one order per user.

This table is subject to change before and after official release.

Drag n Drop Editor

A Fully fledged Drag n Drop Windows Editor.

Standard Objects

Images, Buttons, Text Boxes, Videos, GIFs.

Event Actions

You can assign actions to be performed at certain events in your launcher.


How many pages you can have inside your launcher project.

Plugin Support

Support for additional plugins.

Hover / Click Sound Effects

Define your own custom/optional hover and click SFX.

Cloud Content

Store your launcher images and videos in the cloud.

Update System

A simple and efficient game update system.

Custom Cursors

Choose from a plethora of custom mouse icons and cursors to use inside your launchers.

Query Strings

Query online scripts and text files and show the results inside your launcher.

Query String Parameters

Send dynamic parameters to your query strings online from your user's computer / launcher.

News Ticker

Update a real-time news ticker in your launcher direct from your webserver.

Toast Notifications

Send real-time toast notifications to your users running your launcher.

Patch System

Configure and setup a live, built-in file patching system for your game.

Patch Compression

Enable patch compression for your game patches, equalling faster downloads.

Parallel Patching

Super-Boost your patching system with more workers and multiple downloads.

Dynamic Variables

Create and use dynamic variables for use in your custom game launcher.

Custom Tooltips

Display custom tooltip text with custom timers when the user hovers over objects.

Conditional Buttons

Conditional buttons allows you to specify certain conditions before a button is enabled and/or visible.

Discord DRPC

Enable Discord Rich Presence live and direct inside your Game Launcher.

Debugging Emails

Enable sending of launcher and patch debug logs and reports from your users to be emailed directly to you.

Advanced Images

Advanced Images object allows you to GET a PHP query or PING a server/ip/domain and set an image based on the query response.

This is your Final Chance to Pre-Order Pledge

Official Release Date: 15th December 2022

Gamer Edition
+ Two Gamer Plugins


Pre-order Discount:

Gamer Edition of GLCV3 complete with two plugins; Minecraft ($4.99) and FiveM ($4.99) bundled free for this pledge.

Indie Edition


Pre-order Discount:

Indie Edition of Game Launcher Creator V3.

Perfect for Indie Game Developers, Small Studios and Small-Medium Projects.

Developer Edition


Pre-order Discount:

Developer Edition of Game Launcher Creator V3.

Perfect for the serious developer, development team and bigger projects.

Final call for GLCV3 Pre-Orders pledges. Your order will be shipped manually via email. You will receive your code to use at the checkout when GLCV3 release is ready to ship. Pre-Order pledges available via PayPal only.

Software files will be delivered digitally as digital downloads. License keys will be generated and assigned upon release via the code at checkout. Features and edition feature list is subject to change. Estimated release date is also subject to change.

Made with in the UK.

Game Launcher Creator is Copyright © 2022 ByteBox Media.