GLCV3 Global Events System

The Global Events System inside GLCV3 is a brand new feature and is probably up the top somewhere when it comes to power within Game Launcher Creator V3. You can literally “code” your own launcher now without any programming by telling the launcher what to do when certain events are true. This is an absolute […]

Event Action System

We take the first look at the brand new Event Action system inside Game Launcher Creator V3. You can now stipulate triggers and events where things should happen and you can specify exactly what should happen too. This opens up a whole new gateway to creating the launchers of your dreams.

GLCV3 Early Introduction

In this video I showcase the BETA stages of Game Launcher Creator V3. We take a look at the new user interface, the new editor and the editing system. I will also introduce you to the new Launcher Library system which is a much-requested feature of the GLC editor. You can pre-order with a 50% […]