Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our list of frequently asked questions here. We have collated the most commonly asked questions here for you to get answer to.


Yes. Having an account on our website enables you to purchase and store all your purchase information, license keys and downloads. This makes things much easier for you to access all your information, order history, downloads and license keys all from one central location.

You can only create an account when you first purchase a product or service from us.

Once you checkout with your first purchase, an account will be created for you. You can then log in to that account for all future purchases.

You can reset your password by simply visiting this link.

We have a very strict security system in place to ensure your account is as safe as possible. Sometimes, our system may detect that something isn't right, so if it's not logging you in and not displaying an error message, check your email as we probably sent you a special email with a link inside to login with. 

If you have forgotten your details, you can reset your password by simply visiting this link.

We recommend you use an original and unique password for your ByteBox Media account.

We also recommend making it a strong one, using 8-16 characters in length and using a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and $%!? characters.

Do not share your account information with anybody at all.

Also ensure you are actually on one of our network websites before trying to login.

Our network websites are,,,, and

Please also ensure the padlock is locked in the address bar before logging in.

The password reset email will land in your email inbox. If it's not there after 5-10 minutes, please check your spam folder, or speak to your email provider to see if it's blocking our emails.

Two-Factor Authentication is a very secure way of logging into your ByteBox Media Store account.

We recommend everyone activate 2FA for their accounts and you can do this via the Account page after you log in.

Simply download the Google Authenticator app to your mobile or tablet device then scan the QR code presented to you then use the code it generates every time you want to login to the store.

Please remember to store your backup codes in a very safe place, just in case.

You can view your order information and order history under the account page here. You must be logged in to view them.

Once inside, you will see a list of ORDER IDs, you can click on an order ID or click the [View Order] button to view more details about that specific order.

An order with a status of 'processing' can mean a number of things but here is the general gist.

If you have ordered a product or service which requires manual creation, setting up or dispatching, it will remain in a processing state until the job has been completed.

For most orders we say to give up to 24-48 hours for this to change to complete. However, Mon-Fri (9-5) we typically aim to process all orders within a few hours (it just depends how busy we are).

An order marked as failed is exactly that, it has failed to complete.

This is usually due to a payment issue or payment error. You must ensure your personal information matches up with that stored on your card, such as Address, Name, Phone Number etc. Otherwise, Stripe or PayPal could reject the order.

You can view and change your billing or account information here.

We very rarely suspend accounts (if ever), however, if yours has been suspended, it will be for a serious breach of our terms and conditions or one or more of our licenses.

You may contact us via email if you wish to discuss this further.

You must not share your account information with anybody else unless legally obliged to do so.

Account sharing is a violation of our terms and conditions and can result in your licenses being terminated and your account suspended and/or terminated.


We currently accept Stripe and PayPal payments.

Stripe payments allow you to use your bank card, debit card or credit card to pay direct.

PayPal allows you to do the same or pay with your PayPal balance.

You can try again using the same card, a different card or a different payment type.

If you believe it's in error, you can contact us to look into it for you but you would be better off contacting your bank first and asking them to authorise the payment then trying again.

Most software and digital purchases are processed automatically. Some products or services may need manual processing from our end.

Each product description will explain which are 'immediate download'. If they are marked 'immediate download' then the order will be processed automatically by our system with no wait times.

If it's not an 'immediate download' then we have to process the order manually.

Our refund policies vary from product to product, service to service.

We would highly recommend you take a look at our terms and conditions for our products and services in detail.

Generally, if it's a digital purchase (ie: a digital software product/tool/asset) once the asset has been installed, downloaded or activated, a refund is not applicable. This is because this is a digitally licensed software and once the license key has been activated or used, it belongs solely to you and cannot be returned. Our terms and conditions are aligned with UK laws to which our terms and conditions are governed by.

If you are curious, we welcome you to email us to find out more information regarding a specific product or service.

If you have purchased a product or service that is part of a renewal or subscription, you will need to check the official terms and conditions for that particular product or service in our terms and conditions.

Generally speaking, when you purchase a product or service that has a subscription or renewal attached to it, this renewal or subscription will be setup automatically and you are free to cancel that renewal at any time.

Please be aware, cancelling a renewal does not mean you will be refunded. If you haven't used a service or product with a renewal, you maybe entitled to a refund, please check the specific terms for that product/service.

We recommend if you don't want a renewal to click over, you cancel it ahead of time. Refunds are generally not permitted for subscriptions that have renewed automatically. You have complete control to do this via your account page.

Service contracts are covered by both our official terms and conditions and any additional terms and conditions will be attached to the contract itself.

Please refer to both sets of terms and conditions in this instance.

We accept all major credit and debit cards from Mastercard or Visa via Stripe.

We also accept these card payment types and many more through PayPal.

If you require a special payment type (like GiroPay) please get in touch with us directly via email and we can see what we can do for you.

Product Support

Minimum system requirements are stipulated on each product's website and in our store.

They are the baseline minimum requirements your device must have in order for the product or service to run.

Recommended system requirements are stipulated on each product's website and in our store.

These recommended requirements are the minimum recommended requirements that your device should have for the smoothest experience using our product or service.

Each product's website in the network, has it's own set of Minimum and Recommended System Requirements (see above).

You must ensure your system is compatible before you purchase.

Whilst our products may work on older versions of Windows (such as XP/7/8) we cannot guarantee support for these, especially if they are no longer supported by Microsoft themselves.


If a product comes with a 'lifetime license' this means you can use the software for life. The license will remain yours indefinitely.

It basically means the license key (serial key) we assign you, you can keep forever.

There are two types of lifetime licenses available, they are yearly and perpetual. Please see below for more information on these.

A yearly lifetime license means, you are granted the lifetime license and are entitled to product updates and priority support for the duration your subscription is active.

This means, you have the license for lifetime (you can use the software forever), however you will only be entitled to updates of the software whilst your subscription is active.


As an example:

You purchase X software yearly. It's $29 for the purchase. For $29 you will get a lifetime license key and 12 months of updates and priority support for the first 12 months.

When the first 12 months has expired, you will no longer be entitled to product updates or priority support after this date, unless you let your subscription renew. In that case, you will be entitled to a further 12 months of product updates and priority support.

A perpetual lifetime license means you get your license key(s) to use the product for a lifetime but you are also entitled to a lifetime of product updates and priority support.

Basically, this license and any of the benefits never expire.

You are free to cancel your yearly license subscription at any time through your account page.

This means your subscription will not automatically renew after the initial period.

You will still be entitled to product updates and priority support for the duration you already paid for.


As an example:

You purchase a yearly lifetime license on 28th Feb 2022. You then cancel the subscription on the 6th July 2022. You will still be entitled to product updates and support until 28th Feb 2023, as this is what you have already paid for.

Absolutely not. We take anti-piracy and license sharing very serious here at ByteBox media.

Under no circumstances can you share your license key with another individual or company. The license key you purchase is assigned to you (the user who purchased it) and nobody else.

This is a part of our terms and conditions and the End User License Agreement for each product.

You are not allowed to share the key with friends, co-workers, family or anyone else.

License keys will be terminated without reimbursement nor reinstatement if our systems detect mis-use.

Please don't share your key with anyone, that's all we ask.

Absolutely. If you are working as part of a team, we can give you a discounted rate for a team license, which means purchasing 2 or more licenses.

We love to help development teams out so please do get in touch regarding multiple licenses if this is what you require.

Yes. All of our products and services require an active internet connection in order to use.

If a product cannot detect an internet connection or can't reach our licensing servers, it probably won't start.

You do need to be online for licensing checks.

This basically means how many times you can re-use the license to re-install the software.

But don't worry, this is just a soft limit. We don't really expect anyone to hit this limit. It's only usually when someone installs on a new computer or device.

If you have exceeded this limit, please just contact us via email, ticket or Discord and we can sort it out for you, it's never usually a problem.


If you have purchased a product, you will find the download available in the Account section, under downloads.

We highly recommend you save the downloaded file in a safe place, just so you have an offline copy of the installation file or the actual file itself too.

Please do not share any files you download from your account with anyone else. This could invalidate your order and your license keys.

Unless there is an express limitation on a particular product, you can download the file as many times as you like.

If there are any express limitations on any particular product, you will know as the website for that product will tell you this.


We have a general terms and conditions page here.

For each product, there will be additional terms, license terms and an End User License Agreement also.

You can find these on the relevant network website for that particular product.

When you install a software product or use a service, you will have to agree to the End User License Agreement terms before installing and using the product.

You can find our privacy policy here on our website.


We are bound by the laws of the United Kingdom.

We are a company located in the UK. Our terms and conditions are bound by UK laws and your consent to our terms and conditions including terms in our End User License Agreements and our Privacy Policies will be governed by UK courts.

Yes we do.

You can contact our legal team directly on our corporate website.

Here in the UK, DMCA's are not applicable but we have what we call Cease and Desist.

If you feel there is copyright or trademark infringement occurring or you have a particular issue with anything, please do let us know via email on our corporate website and someone will be back in touch at the very earliest opportunity.

Here at ByteBox Media we mostly develop products and services to allow other developers and development teams to obtain goals and distribute their output.

For example, our game launcher software, Game Launcher Creator. Developers can build their own 'custom launchers'. When they build their launchers, they can design them anyway they want.

These launchers are built as compiled binary executables, however, we are not responsible for the content shipped alongside these launchers.

We are not responsible for the content the end-user uses for their launcher.

You would have to contact the author directly with regards to that.

We are not responsible nor liable for the content end-user use for their products. Please approach the user in question with regards to any queries you may have.


ByteBox Media is a company that consists of three main programmers, a team of marketing and web specialists, a legal team and a great support and moderation team.

We are primarily a software development company that has over 20 years of experience in computer programming and software development.

Since 1998 we have designed and developed many game engines and software applications. From game consoles to desktop PC, from web to mobile.

Over the last 20 years we have mostly been outsource and worked on client projects but for the last 5 years, we have been developing and building our own software products which you can see on this website and our network websites.

We are actively developing and supporting our products everyday and we are still working on client projects too.

You can find out more about us and even hire us at our corporate website here.

Yes we are.

Please do get in touch with us via our corporate website if you wish to hire us to work on your project.

We are based in Manchester in the United Kingdom.

We have staff that work from all over the globe from the UK, USA, France and Philippines.

Our customers are based worldwide. We literally serve an entire global audience.

We have customers from over 54 countries purchasing and using our products and services.

We meet a lot of people from many nationalities and backgrounds and it's a great experience.

Yes, we do. Literally.

It's virtually impossible to develop and release a product and never have to maintain or update it.

Technology is ever-evolving, especially Windows technology so we are constantly updating our software products and services. We are also constantly working on bugs, issues, user-specific issues and operating system issues around-the-clock.

As an example, our Game Launcher Creator software, we have released over 160 updates since it was first released.

We do have a careers page you can take a look at.

When we are actively hiring, this page will list all the available positions within our company.