WebKit+ Plugin

WebKit+ Plugin

Vendor: pr0tax

Full GLCV3 Object (Resizable/Moveable)
Display any website
All the latest technologies
Support for PHP
Support for Javascript
Support for HTML5/CSS3
Requires GLCV3 Software

Download Now for $14.99


Open up a whole new world of Launcher development with this Chromium WebKit+ plugin for GLCV3.

This professional plugin allows you to use the latest Chromium style runtime directly inside your game launcher to display websites and web pages in all their glory.

With support for HTML5, Javascript, CSS3 and all the latest technologies, you can display websites inside GLCV3 as they were meant to be displayed.

With support for Elementor style websites, WordPress, Standard HTML, PHP, ASP and many more.

Note: This is a third party plugin.

This plugin requires the Game Launcher Creator V3 software.

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