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Palworld Plugin

Palworld Launcher Plugin

Palworld Plugin

Create Palworld Launchers
Easy to Setup
Direct Connect to your Server
Works with Mods
Update your Custom Mods
Requires GLCV3 Software

Download Now for $12.99


Click here to learn how to create your own custom Palworld launchers with this plugin.

Step into the realm of innovation with this exclusive Game Launcher Creator V3 third-party plugin for Palworld.

The GLCV3 Palworld plugin empowers you to craft your custom launcher using GLCV3, seamlessly linking it to your Palworld server.

Featuring a user-friendly configuration, this plugin lets you effortlessly integrate the Palworld Object into your launcher’s interface, where you can specify your server’s details such as IP, port, and the specific version of Palworld you’re hosting.

Simply associate the Palworld Object with a button in your launcher. With a single click, your users will be directly connected to the vibrant world of your Palworld server.

Comprehensive documentation and step-by-step tutorials accompany this plugin, ensuring a smooth setup process and an enriching user experience.

Please note: Palworld is currently in “Early Access” on Steam and Xbox. This means the Developers are using an early release of the game which will contain a lot of bugs, issues and code changes. Changes they publish could break the plugin from working, however, we are always working around the clock to keep on top of anything that should break the launcher link.

This plugin requires the Game Launcher Creator V3 software.

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