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Private Selling

Private Selling

Here at ByteBox Media, we realise that some of you are talented users. Our ethos is to develop products and services that help out other developers, modders and gamers.

In saying this, we don’t want to open our store up to be a ‘public marketplace’. However, we do know that some of you are talented and if you are into design or development, you can sell your product or tool here on our store.

How will it work?
Because we are not setting the store up as a ‘multi vendor’ store, we will sell your product on our official store on “byteboxmedia.store” website.

We will sell out your product with a 70/30 split. So 70% of the sale goes to you, 30% to us. You don’t have to do any legwork apart from provide the product, screenshots, optional video and a description.

We will do the rest of the work, even advertise your products for you and all the administration work.

When will payouts be?
Payouts will be two months later. So for example, any products you sell in January can be paid out in March. This is only to cater for chargebacks/refunds/disputes etc.

How can we get paid out?
You can open a payout ticket in our Discord server and we will take a look at it and pay you out any sales accordingly via PayPal. You are liable for any PayPal costs.

Do I have to get paid out every two months?
No. You can request a payout at anytime, or you can let your sales pile up and then do a bigger payout request at any time.

Can we sell anything?
No. We are only accepting products that would be worthwhile to our customer base.

So we are looking for things like:

  • GLCV2 Launcher Template Designs
  • Graphic Packs (Buttons etc.)
  • Videos
  • Game Development Assets (such as Sprites/Animations/Graphical Assets)
  • App Development Assets (such as User Interfaces (UI/UX))
  • Sound Effects packs
  • Game Development Tools
  • Game Scripts
  • Mod Files
  • Mod Scripts

Everything must be owned and copyright to you and must not infringe any copyright or trademarks not belonging to you.

How can I see how many sales I have made?
You can do this on your payout request. We can show you in your payout ticket how many sales for that period you made. Please only make 1 payout ticket a month.

You can enquire in the regular lounges in Discord if you like, but a response isn’t guaranteed.

Am I guaranteed to be accepted as a seller?
No. We are only looking to handpick selected sellers for now, as we are not an open marketplace. However, we do want to see our store populated with products and assets that our existing users will find useful. Plus it’s an avenue for you to earn money from your skills whilst we handle all the admin, legal and financial tasks.

We encourage everyone and anyone to signup, it costs nothing to apply.

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Acceptance into the store seller programme means you accept the terms and conditions here.